My first blog post ever

Starting this blog took me almost half a year, but it finally happened.

I was trying to start blogging for a few months, but there was always something stopping me. A few days ago, I created a retro page for fun because the Back to 80's synthwave music mix inspired me.

Better late than never

This relatively simple (but still requiring a lot of work) page, gave me a good start to create the whole page.

Who am I

I'm a frontend developer and cofounder / management partner / whoever in small Polish softwarehouse / agency called Hype4. I'm not a programmer by profession - I graduated from Civil Engineering, but I didn't work in this industry even a day.

Right after graduating, I decided to become a programmer. I was always into computers, spending countless hours in games and reading articles. Sometimes trying to disassemble and assemble old home electronics (of course, never done it correctly).

I'm an animal lover. Throughout my life, I have had over 20 animals - cats, dogs, ducks, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, turtle, hamsters, hedgehogs. Currently, I live in Warsaw with my girlfriend and our dog - Amber. I love to cycle and wandering around nature.

My dog Amber

Why blog?

I have a good eye for details and I really don't like to see bad design everywhere. I want to educate other people what is good design, how to improve their websites and explain things easily ;)

Stuff which I want to write here:

  • Guides/tutorials
  • Case studies - I will fix websites by adding my own CSS to them.
  • How to replace images with CSS + HTML.
  • Awesome interactions.
  • Basics of design.
  • How to write better code.

That's all for today, thanks for reading! Stay tuned for updates. 😎

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